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Turkish Society of Hematology was founded in 1967 and this year marks the 53rd Anniversary of the establishment of our society. The Society, as the official representative of scientists of hematology in Turkey, boasts a membership of over 1000 at home and abroad, and is one of the most active and oldest societies in the country.

The Society’s official web page ( contains information on TSH awards and grants; latest news regarding hematological malignancies, patient resources, and meetings; and an educational database. The website also consists of a news portal, which posts news to members, as well as a link to the Turkish Journal of Hematology.

The missions of TSH are;

Turkish Society of Hematology Postgraduate Hematology Education

TSH supports and aims to standardize nationwide hematology education with;

The presidents of the Turkish Society of Hematology are listed below in chronological order: 

Prof. Dr. Şeref İnceman (1967-1969) 

Prof. Dr. Orhan Ulutin (1969-1995) 

Prof. Dr. Yücel Tangün (1995-2001) 

Prof. Dr. Osman Ilhan (2001-2005) 

Prof. Dr. Muhit Özcan (2005-2011) 

Prof. Dr. Teoman Soysal (2011-2015) 

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Muzaffer Demir (2015-2017)

Prof. Dr. Güner Hayri Özsan (2017- 2021)

Prof. Dr. M. Cem Ar (2021 - )