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TSH promotes hematological research and to support junior, basic, and clinical researchers in the development of their careers. TSH has funding programs and grants as:
HAUD (Hematology fellow international training grant): This fellowship program is for young fellows that cover six-month training in the United States or Europe. TSH covers their travel expenses and provides monthly payment. Eight hematologists are presently benefiting from this program and began or completed their six-month study. There are 17 fellows who received this grant.
Research Projects Awards: Each year TSH has budget funds for research projects. Each project is evaluated by referees. Until this year TSH gave grants for a total of 46 projects. More information is available at TSH web site. Each year TSH funds approximately $100.000 budget for this award.
International Congress Grant: Young investigators are encouraged to attend international meetings. Travel and accommodation expenses are covered by TSH for the members who have an oral presentation at valued international meetings.
TSH Annual Congress Awards: High quality researches submitted in the TSH Annual Congress are evaluated by a jury. Top 6 clinical studies are awarded.
Fellowship Grants: The top ranking candidates who have chosen to be trained in the field of hematology receives monthly payment during his/her hematology training.