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The society has organized 40 National Congresses with international participation. It has a distinguished 48-year record of organizing Annual Hematology Congress of the highest quality, many of which have accommodated over 1,000 attendees. Plans are underway for an outstanding Annual Congress, “The 41st National Hematology Congress”, to be held October 21-24, 2015 in Antalya, Turkey with the highest quality scientific content. The society also organizes National Bone Marrow Transplantation and Stem Cell Therapies Congress on every two years. The history of this congress dates back to 1996. TSH has broadened its concept and has planned an outstanding event based on the recent advances in bone marrow transplantation and stem cell therapies.

The International Congress on Lymphoma- Leukemia-Myeloma provides a unique forum for scientists and medical professionals gathered from around the world to meet and exchange ideas and information in the field of hematology. The scientific program of the ICLLM Congress boasts most of the hematology masters who aim to provide a perfect balance between clinical education and news of the latest scientific developments. World renowned hematologists specialized in their areas are invited to this congress. Participants from different countries attend to the congress.
The following international congresses were organized by the Turkish Society of Hematology:

• ISH Asian-Pacific Division, Istanbul 1969
• 2nd Congress on Thrombosis, Istanbul 1971
• 9th Congress of World Federation of Hemophilia, Istanbul 1974
• International Symposium on Blood Platelets, Istanbul 1974
• International Symposium on Abnormal Hemoglobins and Thalassemia, Istanbul 1974
• 4th Meeting of ISH European-African Division, Istanbul 1977
• 3rd Meeting of Mediterranean Blood Club, Antalya 1979
• International Istanbul Symposia on Hematology, Istanbul 1981
• 30th World Congress of International Society of Hematology, Istanbul 2005
• 1st Balkan Hematology Days, Antalya 2006
• 1st International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , Fethiye 2007
• 2nd International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , İstanbul 2009
• 3rd International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , İstanbul 2011
• 4th International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , İstanbul 2013
• 8th Balkan Hematology Days, Antalya 2013
• 5th International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , İstanbul 2015

• Type III on Lymphoid Malignancies 25-27 September 2009, Kayseri
• Type II on Myeloid Malignancies, 2010, Istanbul
• Type III on Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 2013, Trabzon
• Type III on Consultative Hematology June 28-29, 2014, Van
• Type III on Bone Marrow Failure (Congenital &Acquired Aplastic Anemia, MDS) 25-26 April 2015, Erzurum

TSH also organizes;

• ICHEP (Hematology Education for Industrial Representatives): This course is designed to educate industrial representatives on basic hematology topics and this year 7th educational course was held.
• Basic Hematology Education For Primary Physicians: TSH aimed to update the primary physicians hematology knowledge in small cities in Turkey.
• Basic Hematology Education For Public: This education’s aim is to create a public awareness about hematologic diseases, both benign and/or preventable and malignant ones.